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The two days exhibiting at the Coffs Coast Home Show was an exciting experience, and tiring on the feet. The feedback on our booth display was very positive – and I felt proud of the results of all the preparation and hard work. Who would have thought a 3m x 3m space could take so much time to plan. Therein lies the challenge! Each space/room/house has it’s own challenges no matter it’s size. What I had to create in this small space was to have a setting, or two, to show an example of my work i.e. how I could decorate your house for sale.

As we were located on the lawns, the first thing to consider was flooring and “walls” to separate us from the adjoining sites. As hired flooring colours come in dull wood or grey plastic and the side panels (walls), in blue or blue-grey, there was a real need to lift and brighten these foundation colours (same as in your house for sale). Then consider how much light the space (room) has. The ten or so sites were in a large marquee with some “windows” and “doors” which brought in a good amount of light, except for the dark and rainy day when it looked very gloomy. Right, a lamp or two (not enough space for two actually) was needed. A floor lamp would work as there wouldn’t be a spare surface for a table lamp.

Now we have to introduce an inspirational colour scheme and then add layers. My brand colour is cyclamen/fuchsia pink/deep pink (what luck – the Pantone Colour of the Year is Radiant Orchid, a slightly darker shade of my brand colour, with more purple in it, which is great for finding soft furnishings and accessories in the shops. You will notice this colour popping up everywhere, as well as in clothing (just check the magazines) and as my advertising banner stretched ceiling-height, fully across the width of my “room” (banner size = 3m x 1m), there was a very dominant colour in this small space. Of course it has to be dominant, as it is my brand  colour. I chose white, chrome and glass furniture with fuchsia accents. I brought in an Indian cotton area rug to cover the blah floor, and to provide a soft surface underfoot. The rug was casual enough for the “inside the marquee” setting  and the colour was just right, a base colour of fuschia interwoven with green, blue and some yellow. The sofa was actually two white  Barcelona chairs pushed together, as it looked exactly like the two-seater Barcelona sofa, but a lot easier to transport and gave me options if a sofa was a bit big for the space. Then I brought in a 90cm round glass topped dining table – just the right size to place promotional material and for visitors to the site, to sit at and complete their competition entry forms. Of course the visitors had to sit – thought they would welcome a bit of a rest from all the walking – and so had three “ghost”  chairs. My favourite chairs, as they are see-through (like glass) so take up little visual space, and they are comfortable to boot.

Now, comes the exciting part, the next layer, adding the accessories, as in showcasing your home for sale. There is a huge TV on the wall to play our promotional DVD’s, so we have to balance this small space. You don’t want it to look as if the room will fall over to one side as the TV is hung on the left side wall, towards the back of the “room” and it is so huge, and black. So the table and chairs are positioned on the opposite side of the TV (it has to be in the front though, for functionality)  and a tall plant placed in the right hand corner. The height of the plant helps to balance out the huge TV. Some brightly coloured cushions, repeating the colours in the carpet, a bright throw (fushchia) and the “before-and-after” pictures on the wall, bordered in the brand colour (fuschia) and the “room” suddenly had the “Wow” factor.  Oh, a small, low, round glass-topped table was needed for the prizes – bottles of French sparkling wine and an ice bucket (in fushcia, 0f course).

Very exciting look but did we achieve what we set out to do? (1)  we wanted the space to look fresh and bright to attract visitors to the site (2), it had to look like a liveable space (3) it had to suit it’s surroundings (on the lawns) (4) we had to promote our brand (5) get visitors to be able to imagine their houses for sale could be made more appealing.  YES, WE DID !


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