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Hollywood with it’s multi-million dollar homes is engaging the services of the very successful Meridith Baer, whose company, a few days ago was listed by the Los Angeles Business Journal as the 37th Fastest Growing Female Owned Business in Los Angeles.  We, who do not live in Los Angeles, may not have heard of Meridith Baer, but most of us have heard of Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Brad Pitt and Beyonce, to name but a few of her clients.  Home staging has helped these high-priced mansions sell in record time and for top-dollar. Who would have thought that their houses would need staging?

Meridith was a screen-writer for 18 years before she “accidentally” became a home stager. She prepared her own home for sale by de-cluttering and storing excess items with friends, and possibly due to her movie background, had an idea of how to “set the stage” for buyers to  fall in love with her house. She had an overwhelming response which resulted in a quick sale, and at well above her asking price. The word got around and soon friends, then friends of friends, then strangers by word-of-mouth asked for her help. Today she has a multi-million dollar (why are LA $$$$$$’s often multi??) home staging business. So I say, if home staging is good enough for successful Hollywood stars it’s good enough for me.  If mansions need help to sell then surely our home (my husband says it’s his castle, but buyers wouldn’t call it that. Nor would I) would need it too?

One of the things I love about what Meridith said in reply to a question in an interview was…”Don’t forget to add humour. If you can make a buyer giggle, they will feel at home”. I wonder, is it along the lines of the seller “laughing all the way to the bank”? I guess so, as that is the goal of staging to get it to sell at the best possible price. And that is achieved when the house sells quickly…. not after it’s been sitting on the market unsold.

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