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When selling your house you are presented with a wonderful opportunity to maximize the equity in the property and end up with more dollars in your pocket. By preparing your house fully before putting it on the market i.e. investing some time and some money, can bring you a substantial return. Historically, depending on which improvements have been done, your return can range from between 350% to as high as 500%, or more.

Our homes are usually the biggest asset we own and when setting a selling price, it has to be realistic as buyers want to see value for money. Then there are the critical factors of condition and presentation , which help get the best price in the quickest time.   Buyers today are time-poor and also often borrow to the maximum amount they qualify for, so they want a house that is move-in ready, and no money to be spent on changes and renovations. Surveys and polls have shown that 68% of people are prepared to pay more for a move-in-ready house.  Investing in staging statistically brings you a higher price.

Not preparing your house for sale can drastically reduce the number of offers you receive as well as the prices of these offers. If anything needs repairing or painting the buyers start chipping away at the price. Perhaps your house is in good condition, but dated. Buyers exaggerate (perhaps unintentionally) what it would cost to upgrade kitchens, flooring and bathrooms – and by three to five times the actual cost – so they deduct these amounts in their minds from the asking price. How about your setting your price a bit lower so you feel you’ve factored the upgrading into the asking price? To no avail, the subtractions still begin. How about pricing it higher knowing they will start their dreaded subtractions? This doesn’t help either because they won’t bother to make an offer if it is overpriced, so they move onto the next property.

Make your asset (property) work for you by making buyers lives easy and getting them excited. What is more exciting than a fresh, bright ready-to-move-in home that is beautifully presented.  Make them fall in love with the house so they feel they want to live there. And that is what home staging does – it makes your property stand out above the competition, gets you a better price and sells quicker. It’s proven it works over and over again, yes, here in Coffs Harbour too.  It is a much better place to sell your property now with a professional home stager to help you.

If your house is vacant we will furnish and style it with beautiful, modern items and give it a real warm, loved feeling.

If your house is on the market and you’re living in it, we can certainly help you present it beautifully.

If you feel you only require some make-over advice then book for a consultation.

For  more information call Lorna of Lorna Farrell Home Staging (Coffs Harbour) at 0409392768.

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