Location Emerald Beach, NSW


Refresh property for sale

What We Did

This house was previously rented out and sadly not well-cared for. The owners spent a lot of time and elbow grease to clean it up and to tackle all the DIY jobs. No buyer wants to inherit a to-do-list before they’ve even moved in. The garden was tidied and new plants put in. This is so important for curb appeal, being your first impression of the property.

The house itself was converted to a dual living residence some time ago, and with it being vacant, it was very hard to identify the functions of the rooms, particularly as you enter the front door. Once furnished and styled, the rooms took on a sense of purpose and a sense of people living there comfortably.

The walls were painted in rather strong colours, showing the owners love of colour. I had recommended that the colours be toned down, by using neutral shades, but they ran out of time and as they had also spent a fair amount on repairs, the budget would not allow them to do this. Well, one has to be creative and I enjoy rising to the challenge, so you work with what you have. A lot can be done by using large artwork on the walls to “set the tone”. The larger areas of a room , the walls and floors have to be the starting points and furniture and accessories have to complement. The result was a fresh, contemporary look which would appeal to the majority of buyers.

Today’s buyers are well-informed and have high expectations. They make a decision in the first few seconds of entering your property. They are ready to move on to the next one on their list if yours is just not up to scratch, or doesn’t look well-maintained, or has too many distractions, like clutter or overpowering wall colours or art.