Location Korora Bay, NSW


Furnish property for sale

Styling to appeal to majority of buyers.

What We Did

Project Brief: Furnish a vacant beachside townhouse for sale.

Project Comments: The dining and lounge were furnished to complement the modern and sophisticated features of this bright contemporary beachside home. The colours were kept neutral, to appeal to the majority of buyers, with complementary blue and sand colour accents to emphasise the proximity to the ocean. The upstairs bedrooms colours flow into each other yet each one is individual. They all look fresh and bright.

Today’s buyers are well-informed and have high expectations. They make a decision in the first few seconds of entering your property. They are ready to move on to the next one on their list if yours is just not up to scratch, or doesn’t look well-maintained, or has too many distractions, like clutter or overpowering wall colours or art.