Location Mid North Coast, NSW


Homes staged for the rental market

What We Did

This house is on the market to rent. Even if your house is not for sale, home staging is just as important for rental properties. Potential tenants are able to see a well-maintained, well presented property which shows them that the owners take pride in the house and the tenants in turn will treat it with respect.

When a house is vacant the rooms look smaller, and it is harder for potential tenants to visualize how their furniture will fit into the space.

It is best to keep the big items neutral (particularly walls) and then introduce colour by way of accessories. Using bright, modern accents in the living room, lifts the look and adds a real WOW factor as you step inside the front door.

Each bedroom has bright, fresh bedlinen and cushions to liven up the spaces. The master bedroom looks relaxing yet sophisticated and appealing.

The wall art complements the colour scheme and adds interest. Artwork plays a very important role in the design of a room as it not only adds lovely colour and interest but it also lifts the eye as the furniture is usually below your line of vision, when standing, and the artwork is directly in your line of vision. It is good to remember not to hang pictures too high. The centre of the picture should be at eye level.

Each room has its function clearly defined and shows how light and spacious it is. Staging sells the space and this is achieved by carefully planned furniture placement and uplifting colour. Also there is a connection between different rooms by having colour or texture common from one room to the next.

Today’s buyers are well-informed and have high expectations. They make a decision in the first few seconds of entering your property. They are ready to move on to the next one on their list if yours is just not up to scratch, or doesn’t look well-maintained, or has too many distractions, like clutter or overpowering wall colours or art.