Location Sapphire Beach, NSW


Furnish property for renting

What We Did

Project Brief: Furnish vacant home for rent. Not for sale. Yes, rentals also need home staging for the same reason as selling. To get the house let (or sold) in the shortest time possible. By presenting it that people want to move in (or buy) as soon as they walk in.

Project Comments: A vacant home can feel lonely as when selling or letting we strive for spaciousness. But too much space can work against you therefore better to furnish than vacant. Buyers can’t visualise where their furniture will go and whether their things would fit. It gives them perspective. Contrary to what many people say, that they prefer to view an empty house, but once view a staged one, then it looks a lot different. They have probably seen too many houses where they can’t see the features of the home due to distractions like too much furniture, and personal things.

Today’s buyers are well-informed and have high expectations. They make a decision in the first few seconds of entering your property. They are ready to move on to the next one on their list if yours is just not up to scratch, or doesn’t look well-maintained, or has too many distractions, like clutter or overpowering wall colours or art.