Location Korora, NSW


Prepare property for sale.

What We Did

This 3 bedroomed townhouse needed updating. If you’ve lived in a house for more than 10 years without any renovations, then you would know for sure that you would need to fast-forward into the next decade in order to appeal to today’s buyers. This can be achieved by making some changes that would not break the budget – but can bring you great returns on your price achieved for your property. Consider this as a small investment for a huge return. It is certainly worth the effort if you can earn more $$$$$.

The walls in this townhouse were blue-grey, which happily is on trend today (it just shows that if you wait long enough, trends come back but please don’t make this an excuse for not making changes) being a cool neutral colour.  But the dark blue lounge furniture was too bulky and the blue chairs in the dining room also made the room seem cold. The light neutral furniture that was brought in, makes the space look fresh and spacious and the intensity of the colour of the cushions,  brighten the lounge. The dining room looks warmer and more inviting with lighter furniture , artwork and accessories.

The bedrooms needed fresh new linen and brightening and they look totally different. Bedside tables and lamps were added to complete the look. And artwork on the walls add some interest.

This was all done on a small budget – but what a difference it makes.

If you need help with getting your property ready for sale, please contact me, Lorna Ferdenando-Farrell (Mobile: 0409 392768) for obligation-free information. I service Coffs Harbour and the Mid-North Coast.

Today’s buyers are well-informed and have high expectations. They make a decision in the first few seconds of entering your property. They are ready to move on to the next one on their list if yours is just not up to scratch, or doesn’t look well-maintained, or has too many distractions, like clutter or overpowering wall colours or art.