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Here are the photos of the spacious 4 -bed-roomed house after the staging was completed. The house which was vacant, has come to life with colour and warmth and now buyers can imagine themselves living there.  The rooms are spacious, with a self-contained flat downstairs and it has a beautiful outdoor entertainment area.

It is being put up for auction, conducted by Nolan Partners, and  I hope it sells on auction day. That would be good news for the seller, estate agent and of course me, the home stager.

Most houses have their challenges and as a home stager it is my job to minimize the negatives and highlight the positives. With each house, after scrutinizing it like a beady-eyed potential home-buyer where you look for all the faults, I then look for the positives and start to slowly love the house. I see the potential and imagine who would buy the house and how they would live. That is how I build up the look and style I want to create.

The premier goal of a qualified home stager is to take into account every aspect of the age, condition, position and style of the house and to make it as desirable and move-in-ready as possible. To achieve this we have to update the out-dated, to brighten the darkness, to add colour to the dull, to fix the damaged (not personally, but by pointing them out) all in the name of adding value. By improving and enhancing the house in a way which would appeal to today’s buyers would bring you so much closer to a sale with fewer days on the market and at better prices.

Wow!  Every house is different …. and that is the joy of home staging.


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The house looks amazing. Thank you so much

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