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The seller made the decision to stage this house and it sold as soon as it went back onto the market.
This beautiful brand new house was previously on the market and did not sell. It was in a sought-after area where all the houses were new, the price was right and it was well promoted by the real estate agents. The problem was the presentation – it was vacant. There was nothing for potential buyers to connect to as they walked from room to room looking at blank walls and floors. The seller wisely made a decision to invest in home staging. It paid off. The house sold as soon as it went back onto the market.
We furnished the rooms to show their functions by adding warmth with colour and textures. Showing how the spaces can be used makes it easier for a buyer to make a decision. They’re not left wondering how their furniture will fit and which room to use for what. House buying is visual and emotional. People always talk about getting the right feel the minute they walk into a house – it is true that you make up your mind within the first few seconds of entering a house and the rest of the time is spent confirming that decision i.e. you either want it or you don’t.
An investment in home staging yields great returns!

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I just saw your work on Monday. You did a wonderful job.

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