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This is a home “restyled for living” and was not a “for sale” house. Therefore most of the owners things remain but some editing of furniture, superfluous to their needs, e.g. extra side tables, extra dining chairs, excessive ornaments, were removed.



Pictures 1 and 2 are “Before” where the lounge in stuffed with too many excess items and clutter.

Picture 3 –  “After” pictures show a lounge where the furniture was re-arranged to facilitate traffic-flow and to open the room more. The sofa was originally blocking the view into the lounge, from the kitchen and dining area and separated the rooms visually, making it look smaller.

With the placement of the sofa and chairs changed, the dining area now flowed into the lounge area. Lovely sunny yellow cushions and a large yellow vase was added for a splash of colour, adding warmth and a sense of fun.

Unlike a house staged for sale, a house restyled for living, is styled to the homeowners personal taste and needs i.e how they use their rooms. The homeowners want their beloved possessions in view as they have a personal value to them, whereas a staged property for sale, is the opposite. It has to be neutralized and personal photos and objects removed as it stops the potential buyers from imagining themselves living there.


Pictures 5, 6 and 7 – in these “after” pictures the room was transformed to host a summer party where the guests were being entertained mainly on the outside deck, but there was also place for them to sit inside if they wished. THIS IS ALSO HOW THE HOUSE WOULD BE STAGED FOR SELLING.   The two large striped armchairs,  coffee table  and display cabinet were moved to another room (or stored off-site if selling) and two smaller chairs and glass coffee table brought in. Picture (4) The rug was replaced, a side table with flowers and  artwork displayed where the cabinet first stood. This looks like a completely different room, for a different occasion -temporarily for entertaining or to create the open space and appeal for selling.



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